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Search through 26,000 models by 2,500 manufactures. 150,000 sales transactions, 19,800 images. All just a few clicks away.


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 Select camera brand, then select camera model from a drop-down box.  Enter a search term, get a list of all matching records.  Enter a search term, get a list of all matching records.
Vintage film cameras database: dates, images and current prices

Most comprehensive camera compendium, covering almost all cameras made from the late 1800s till the end of the film era. Searchable in three easy modes.

Note about prices: the camera prices presented here are real and dynamic prices at which cameras were sold. Being average,  prices may include not-so-stellar exemplars, lumped together with splendid ones. At some models, we have several dozens of sales transactions, at others one or two transactions. As such, prices should be used as a current value of past activity, wisely allowing for adjustment per the particular camera condition.